The Gray Stage

Paranormal Phone Recordings

On October 15th, 2012, David Crowley filmed himself going over the Gray State story. On the wall were rows of sticky notes describing each scene and the progression of the story. This was two years before David moved into 1051 Ramsdell Drive, Apple Valley, Minnesota. “This is where you see the occult influence in theContinue reading “Paranormal Phone Recordings”

The Simple Truth

Murder at 1051 Ramsdell Drive The Simple Truth Here is the full playlist of videos by Dan Hennen Here is the full playlist by Catherine Michele Also check out The Gray Stage Podcast! Here’s a good discussion about the slopumentary – A Gray State.

The Gray Stage Podcast

The Gray Stage Podcast features Dan Hennen, Catherine Michele, Sophia and Stefanie. All episodes will be added here! This is a monthly podcast based on my book, The Gray Stage, which covers the mysterious death of David Crowley and his wife and child. New episodes are released on the first of every month on AppleContinue reading “The Gray Stage Podcast”

What is the book about?

Minnesota filmmaker and United States Army Veteran David Crowley was accused of murdering his wife and daughter before taking his own life in December of 2014. The Apple Valley Police Department suspects the bodies were inside the Minnesota home for three weeks, after they were found by neighbors on January 17th, 2015. Within twenty-four hoursContinue reading “What is the book about?”

The Gray Stage Book

Click on the image below to download your free PDF! “Why should we believe David Crowley is guilty?” — Rational Human Beings Download The Gray Stage by Greg Fernandez Jr. here. Purchase a physical copy here. Get a signed copy here! The Gray Stage Signed Book Check out The Gray Stage YouTube channel and TheContinue reading “The Gray Stage Book”

AVPD Crime Scene Images

BCA Crime Scene Images

#16 – Suspicious Activity The Gray Stage

Suspicious activity in the Crowley home on January 19th, 2015. Police were able to connect the suspicious activity to a truck belonging to a family-friend named Chris Klein. Police spell his last name differently three times in two police reports. Klien is the only reason why authorities know of the existence of Item 57. Even Klien may not have known about Item 57 when he told police about the bullet holes in the living room floor and roof/ceiling. Mason Hendricks told me he and a group of guys were in the house that day, including in the attic. According to Hendricks, the group was looking for anything that would help them explain why David was guilty. They found nothing, including Item 57. So they leave the house and the attic without anything that would help them understand what happened. Yet they still believe David is guilty? By the time the police arrive on January 19th, 2015, to investigate the suspicious activity reported by a neighbor, the gray state goons are gone. But that incident and everything associated to it is is what I consider the smoking gun…or is it? New episodes on the first of the month, every month until the case is solved. New podcast episodes every month! You can download The Gray Stage book by Greg Fernandez Jr. for free or order a physical copy at You can read all of the reports and see the crime scene images at Join the Facebook Group, Justice for David Crowley and Family, and visit for more information on this case. You can also watch the archived videos on the YouTube channels of Dan Hennen, Catherine Michele and myself. New podcast episodes on the first of every month. You can find them on, iTunes, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. God Bless you all and thank you for helping us keep this case alive to get justice for this family! — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message:
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Body Positions

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5 thoughts on “The Gray Stage

  1. Hi I’m not on Facebook or Twitter but I follow you on YouTube. I’m in the uk but I have a few things I’d like to discuss with you and dan. Either via email or YouTube perhaps. I’ve only been following this case now for over a week and I’ve gone through all the reports and all of the photos and some things I’d like to ask or discuss as a outsider. I know david did not kill komel and rani. I figured that out after the first 5 mins of looking at photos, hope to hear from you Greg


  2. Greg,Please check your email! I sent you some screenshots of a couple of interesting items I noticed in the crime scene pics.
    Thank you,


  3. This may seem far fetched no pun intended. What if the dog ate it like they said dog ate stuff I’ve had dogs before they would eat raw meat over dry If that happened there was more bullets than what police said there were I just wished I could see blue blanket and the rug under them I just wish them pease and my God rest their souls just thinking


  4. I watched “A Gray State” last night. To be honest, I have absolutely no idea what to believe. Being a critical thinker, this may have gone an entirely different way than one would think. Komel has no real family to speak of that anyone knows about. Her converting to Christianity, and then to another religion may have been a catalyst to draw a family member out of the woodwork. Honor killings do happen on American Soil. What if David Crowley had been made to write Allahu Akbar on the wall, before he was killed, because he was bargaining for his daughter’s life? While this might be pure speculation, this could have been possible. What I do not understand is how the neighbors never heard any gunshots. I live here in Saint Paul and I hear them with great regularity.

    This being something entirely to bizarre to be believed, I am of the mind there is a great deal of pressure brought to bear on law enforcement in Minnesota as we have one of the largest populations of Muslims in the US, brought here by Lutheran Social Services. By bringing Islamic people into our state, the state has a need to not look like they have brought evil in on the tax payer’s dime. Minnesota has a profound problem with the people being terrified to tell the truth about certain groups of people. Not all Muslims are bad. The ones who commit crimes are. If one were to find out exactly who Komel’s family were, I would imagine that would open up some interesting truths.


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