The Gray Stage

Hello Neighbor: The Gray Stage Podcast (Episode One)

The Gray Stage Podcast Based on the book The Gray Stage by Greg Fernandez Jr. Is David Crowley guilty? Within 24 hours of finding the bodies of David, Komel and Raniya Crowley, the Apple Valley Police Department were treating the incident as a double murder-suicide. Authorities cannot prove David wrote “ALLAHU AKBAR” in his wife’sContinue reading “Hello Neighbor: The Gray Stage Podcast (Episode One)”

What is the book about?

Minnesota filmmaker and United States Army Veteran David Crowley was accused of murdering his wife and daughter before taking his own life in December of 2014. The Apple Valley Police Department suspects the bodies were inside the Minnesota home for three weeks, after they were found by neighbors on January 17th, 2015. Within twenty-four hoursContinue reading “What is the book about?”

The Gray Stage Book

Click on the image below to download your free PDF! “Why should we believe David Crowley is guilty?” — Rational Human Beings Download The Gray Stage by Greg Fernandez Jr. here. Purchase a physical copy here. Get a signed copy here! The Gray Stage Signed Book Check out The Gray Stage YouTube channel and TheContinue reading “The Gray Stage Book”

AVPD Crime Scene Images

BCA Crime Scene Images

David Crowley Phone Records

Body Positions

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3 thoughts on “The Gray Stage

  1. Hi I’m not on Facebook or Twitter but I follow you on YouTube. I’m in the uk but I have a few things I’d like to discuss with you and dan. Either via email or YouTube perhaps. I’ve only been following this case now for over a week and I’ve gone through all the reports and all of the photos and some things I’d like to ask or discuss as a outsider. I know david did not kill komel and rani. I figured that out after the first 5 mins of looking at photos, hope to hear from you Greg


  2. Greg,Please check your email! I sent you some screenshots of a couple of interesting items I noticed in the crime scene pics.
    Thank you,


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